Looking for unusual furniture designs to give your home its own, inimitable look? At https://www.pib-home.co.uk/ there’s a great range of furniture items of all shapes, sizes and styles. Some is not what we might class as furniture in the traditional sense of the word, but that’s what the retro and industrial approach to design is all about – subverting long-held expectations about what home interiors ought to look like.

Few trends do this as successfully as vintage industrial furniture. This look is a world away from the classically ‘cosy’ approach to much interior design. Practical, robust, sometimes minimalist, sometimes imposing, industrial furniture centres on metal rather than wood, and mass-production rather than hand-crafting.

The simple lines of retro furniture are much in evidence in Finnish design

Source: https://www.pib-home.co.uk

A more retro approach to furniture may be seen in the picture below, which shows an example of classic Finnish design.  Unsurprisingly, this item is fashioned out of wood, one of the key raw materials available in Scandinavia. Its smooth, unfussy lines help this style of table to fit in perfectly with almost any kind of décor and lend it a look that’s very much in keeping with modern-day tastes.